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Nov 19, 2010

How to popToViewController to a particular Controller or index value of that Controller.

This code is used to popToViewController to the index value of a particular Controller or popToViewController to the Home Screen of your Application.

    NSInteger index = -1;
    YourAppicationAppDelegate *appDelegate = (YourAppicationAppDelegate *)[[UIApplication sharedApplication]delegate];
    UINavigationController *navigationController = [appDelegate navigationController];
    NSArray* arr = [[NSArray alloc] initWithArray:navigationController.viewControllers];
    for(int i=0 ; i<[arr count] ; i++)
        if([[arr objectAtIndex:i] isKindOfClass:NSClassFromString(@"UIHomeViewController")])
            index = i;
    [self.navigationController popToViewController:[arr objectAtIndex:index] animated:YES];


  1. there is great tutorial for the german developer community:

  2. [self.navigationController popToViewController:[self.navigationController.viewControllers objectAtIndex:1] animated:YES];

    You could also replace iterating through the array with this. Substitute your index as needed.